Nature's Patterns Exhibition

Braidwood Community Arts Centre Gallery
March 2017

Artist Statement...

Nature's Patterns is an exhibition exploring & experimenting with a range of naturally occurring patterns found in our environment, from infinitely variable cloud patterns to the patterns formed by the receding tide on the sand flats of the far south coast. I have for some time now been fascinated with natural patterns in my surroundings, particularly those of the eucalypts that inhabit my beloved forest. These gumtree patterns are like fingerprints, each tree similar but individually producing a unique pattern that is identifiable, they are at their most gloriously patterned after rain with their glistening wet trunks amplifying their natural colours. For me the forest & its patterns are a visual feast.

The inspiration for my aerial landscapes evolved out of a relived childhood dream, experienced when I first encountered the virtual travel of google earth. The sensation of flying over the landscape transported me to that childlike wonder & sensorial experience of the landscape from an imagined aerial perspective but this view of the landscape eliminates detail, producing the patterns & colours similar to that of topographical mapmaking.

My small collage works are experiments in patterning, from the initial process of marbling paper or canvas, to finding a pattern segment within the design that inspires the work. My freeform marbling technique is inspired by the theory of chaos & the infinite variables that form in the natural environment.

Janita would like to thank the following people for their assistance in making this project & exhibition possible...

· * Bill Waterhouse, former President of BRAG ~ Braidwood Regional Arts Group & current President of NARG ~ Native Animal Rescue Group for his MC duties & to all the NARG members for their continued work & assistance to injured native wildlife.

· -*Rose Cahill, Visitor Experience Manager at the National Gallery of Australia, colleague & former boss, who has graciously agreed to open this exhibition.

· -*Stephen Best from Macquarie Editions for his continued perseverance in the process of turning my original pastel artworks into limited edition art prints.

· -*Rebekah Rice-Hamilton from Round the Bend Art & Framing Studio for her exceptional care & professionalism with my artwork.

· -*BRAG Members, Kylie Dominic & William Verdonfor organising & running the BRAG FUNdraiserBAR

*Maggie Hickey & her assistants for attending to exhibition sales.

· -*Georgina Campbell for her fine photography skills before, during & after this exhibition.

· -*Malcolm Campbell my dear husband who never stands in the way of my crazy ideas

...thank you from the bottom of my heart Janita

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